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Laïejjh [userpic]
Eilif | pg14 | Mother Courage and her Children
by Laïejjh (laiejjh)
at December 13th, 2011 (11:11 am)

Title: Eilif
Pairing/Character: Eilif POV, Anna Fierling (Mother Courage), Swiss Cheese, Kattrin, and OC mentioned
Fandom: Mother Courage and her Children
Rating: pg14
Summary Eilif has joined the war. Between the years of 1624 and 1626 in Poland he becomes a soldier, but not quite the soldier he wished to be. He considers the things he has and the things he might have lost. Above all, he misses his mother.
Disclaimer: I do not own Mother Courage or any of the lyrics/lines quoted.
Author's Note: Please read and review, I am open to all comments/criticism. I do realise that Mother Courage is not the main character of this story, however I feel she is the pivotal point, just as she is in the Brecht's play.

He just knows that it is better than pulling that cart - everything they own in it. Sweating like animals, him and Swiss Cheese, even in the cold. Kattrin shivering and sometimes mewling to herself, clutching the cart curtains around her thin shoulders - their mother singing her songs out the back…

Except that the army, it isn't. Isn't better. ">