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by You're the star that lightens my existence. (evilangels26)
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iTunes Challenge

Summary: It’s as unoriginal as the title sounds..so I put my iPod on shuffle and came up with these little drabbles (but they’re more than a 100 words-does that count as cheating?).
Genre: RPF
Pairing: Meryl Streep/Don Gummer (Strummer), The Gummers
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these awesome people. I have borrowed them and attached them to puppet strings so that they are easier to play with. I've taken some freedom to transport places to different locations to suit my muse. So, forgive that.
Rating: K through M..maybe...just maybe.

A/N 1: This is not a songfic, so the matter does not generally relate to the words of the songs. I’ve mainly just used the headings and themes. Oh, and this is un-beta-ed, so all mistakes are mine.

A/N 2: This is my first foray into fanfiction writing, so I don’t know the first word of it. I’ve been a lurker for quite a while! *sigh* So, reviews will be like a decadent piece of chocolate cake replete with icing.

Coming Home- Diddy Dirty Money

Yes, this was her kingdom.

As she entered the hallway of her Connecticut townhouse, she was met with silence. She glanced at her wristwatch-a wedding gift from her husband-it read 11 :23 p.m. Of course the kids would be in bed. Today had been the last day of shooting The Bridges of Madison County. She hadn't been home for two long weeks, yes, she had spoken to her family every day, but she hadn't kissed her kids goodnight in 14 days. She hadn't made love to Don in a fortnight.

Her job had kept her away from her precious family on many occasions..and there had been many a time when she had decided to give it all up. However, she had always found courage again and again in this kingdom of hers. They had always given her the strength to carry on and do what she loves which truly made the world a better place.

Walking towards the sitting room, she put her bags down and went towards the fridge for a bottle of cold Pellegrino. There on the right hand upper corner held securely with a ladybird fridge magnet was a medium sized piece of paper with six simple words “Welcome home Mommy! We love you!” scribbled in crayons and four stick figures each representing one of her pride and joy- Henry, Mamie, Grace, Louisa.

With eyes brimming with tears, she made her way silently upstairs and felt guilt creep it. She loved them far too much, so why was it so difficult to give up her job which kept her away?

She made a stoppage at her children’s room, opening the door ever so slightly, so as to not wake them up. As soon as she flicked on the dim yellow light the all too familiar room came into view, the one that Don and her had decorated so ardently putting into it all their love. She kissed all their foreheads ever so softly and left the room as silently as she had come.

Finally she opened the door to the room she had shared with Don for almost 15 years now. The sight inside was breath taking. It smelled of something akin to a mixture of lavender, jasmines and musk. The only thing that illuminated the room was candles of various textures and shapes and their marital bed was dressed with rose petals.

Across the room, through the full length glass windows leading to the balcony, she could see the silhouette of the man responsible for this- her lover, saviour, friend, guide and life.

She almost ran with abandon towards the balcony. At almost the same moment Don turned around and smiled at her fast approaching wife. As she crashed into his chest the flood gates were released. While she shed those tears into her lover’s bosom he whispered a string of sweet nothings into her ear and held her tightly.
There under the moonlight, they kissed for a million years and made love into the morning.
The last thing she heard before her eyes claimed sleep was “Welcome home love. You were missed!”
Yes, they would forgive her. Yes, they would always wait for her; because, they knew that they would always get the best of her. She would give herself up for them.

Yes, this was her kingdom.

Figure Us Out- Chelsea Lee

Tonight was one of those rare nights. The broken glass vase on the carpeted floor with its contents-water and 5 roses lay strewn on the floor, serving as a reminder of the events that had transpired some 23 minutes back.

She never thought today, 24th September 1987, exactly 17 days since her first miscarriage would turn out to be worse than the fateful night when she had lost the baby, three months after it was conceived.

She didn't recall exactly what had happened that night, except there had been a mind numbing pain, blood and complete blackness coupled with utter incomprehension.

Au contraire, she remembered every single detail of tonight.

As she sat at the foot of their queen sized bed, she couldn't stop the body racking sobs and the tears which fell. She felt defeated, incomplete and unhinged.

He had only tried to help her cope, be a good husband inspite of the fact that even he was hurting, immensely. What did she give back, a series of words to scar the soul and a narrowly missed blow to his head.

“Meryl darling, you must eat up! Honey, if you don’t take care of yourself who’s gonna take care of the kids, Gracie needs you. Love, you have to move on. Things happen because they’re meant to. You can’t keep pushing us away. We need you, we want you. I know it hurts, believe me I’m going through the same hell as--”
“Oh really! Are you Don-huh? You understand what I’m going through!” Meryl snapped sarcastically moving from the bed to a place near the door.

“Babe, you must know I lost a child too-along with you, the children lost a baby brother or sister, our parents lost a gra--” he could see his wife looking at him with a deathly glare, her extremely pale skin and dark circles made her look hauntingly beautiful. He continued gathering all his courage, “Look, all I’m saying is that you’re being a little narcissistic, think--”

Even before he could comprehend anything he heard a loud crashing sound on the wall behind him, looking back he saw the pattern the splattered water had made on the wall, the carpeted floor now strewn with glass pieces and 5 red roses. It had just missed him by an inch.

He had just turned back his head when he saw his wife advancing towards him, her face red with anger, the disobedient vein on the right side of her forehead which always popped out when she was overwhelmed with grief or anger made its presence known.

She stopped short about 4 inches from his face eyes filled with rage and grief, “You think I’m narcissistic? Right, of course that’s why I carried three of our children in me and never cared about my figure, pain or scars, yes, that’s why I sit with them after a full days work listening to their stories and helping them with homework. Of course I’m selfish; you know that’s why I love cooking for you and them. That is why I wanted to nurture this one too--” with that she broke down, the tears now falling without restraint.

Don felt a physical pain in his heart, knowing how much pain he’d caused his wife.
“Meryl, I didn’t mean to--”

“Hurt me? Sorry to break it to you, but you did. And maybe you’re right even. Maybe it was my selfish attitude to which we lost our baby. You know, it was probably my fault, being as ‘narcissistic’ as I am, I love myself too much to allow a baby to wreck my metabolism.” Meryl spat, it seemed she’d become numb momentarily-devoid of all human emotions.

He had only put forward his index finger to wipe away a stray tear when she flinched, “Don’t, please just leave, please—I don’t even want to see your face right now”

Don could see the pleading in her voice and knew it was best to leave her alone. Time would heal all wounds.
It ached him to leave his grieving wife in this condition, but he knew it was for the best, they’d resurrect everything again.

With one last look he closed the door.

Now she lay still on the floor, the wispy smell of roses floated by.

Faraway she heard a baby cry. And then the incessant ringing of the phone disturbed the ominous silence. And then it went to voicemail. The familiar voice rung clearly, sincere yet shy and laced with emotion—“M, believe me, it’ll be okay. We’ll figure us out. Don’t give up on us. Not yet. I’m sorry!”

Yes, they would. They always did figure it out. No, she would never give up on them. Then, with a sudden found courage she wiped her eyes, smiled faintly and ran down to her crying baby.

Dancing Queen- ABBA

The first time she heard Dancing Queen was when she was in college. The song symbolized youth, joy, exuberance and fun. It symbolized her- fresh and undaunted. She fell in love with it hard and fast.

The second time was again in college, when her jazz teacher used it to rev them up. It worked.

The third time was when she went to the Broadway play with her youngest daughter and her friends. She realized that just like her, it had survived decades only to blossom more with time. It still evoked all those emotions of unlimited joy. Yes, it still symbolized her- strong, wilful and joyous.

And then she heard it a million more times when she did Mamma Mia. Now, she sang it too. This gave her greater joy if that was even possible. The song had a character of its own.

Now, she was hearing it again, for the umpteenth time. This undoubtedly was the most magnificent memory of the song. As she watched the little girl in pink dance to it on her wobbly legs her heart swelled with pride. It seemed only yesterday that she had learnt how to walk, and now she was grooving to a song.

As she sat on the floor of the nursery, she could only admire the little girl of three-she’d taken after her father-dark green eyes, curly brown ringlets of wispy hair, porcelain skin and the most beautiful smile.
She was brought out of her reverie by the sweetest most mellifluous voice, “Gram-ma, gram-ma look I dance!” the little girl chirped excitedly.

With that the little girl flew into her grandmother’s arms. “Yes princess, you’re the dancing queen!” Meryl said kissing her granddaughter’s forehead and running her hands through her soft curls.

Soon she was lulling her to sleep. As she put her down to bed she realized the little girl was holding her hair in her small fist. That night she sat next to Ava and admired her first born’s daughter.

Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Ray

The sun was so brilliant nearly everyone was squinting, though it was only eleven o’clock in the morning on a Wednesday. The faintest of breezes ruffled her whitish-blonde hair. There was an amazing silence about the day that lent a quiet agony to it. The air was thick with the smell of freesias, gardenias, lilies and forget-me-nots. However, Meryl Streep did not feel any of this. She stood still in front of the mahogany casket adorned with the most beautiful flowers of the valley.

The azure blue lapis lazuli pendant gracing her neck was glinting in the bright sunshine. This would probably be the last time she would wear it.

The first time she wore it was when she was young and beautiful. That day she had gotten married to the best possible human being in the world. Don Gummer.
While putting it around her neck he had only said one thing, “This is only for my eyes. This will remind us of our marriage vows.”

Till death do us part.

On that fateful day of 30th September 1978 Meryl Streep’s life had changed forever. She had realized that their love for each other ran deeper than they cared to admit. Without one other they were doomed. They were each other’s life.

They had started their wonderful journey when both of them were young and beautiful, full of life, hope and joy. They’d seen each other grow as individuals, as parents and as partners.

Each had excelled in his/her respective field and was now venerated by colleagues and novices alike.
Their lives had changed, houses had changed, times had changed and even appearances had changed.

Their bodies had gracefully withstood the ravages of time to a certain extent. No longer were they young and beautiful, but that didn’t change their love. They had transcended the physicality and had loved each other’s souls and had become a part of each other. They had grown old together and had been mesmerized by each other every single day.

Today, as she stood in her black dress, the pendant glinting around her neck she truly felt alone.
A lifetime was over. Her man was in the mahogany casket dreaming in another life. A lone tear made its way down the high cheekbones.

Don Gummer was gone, but with him he had taken a part of his wife.

She only hoped ardently that God would allow the part of her left on Earth to meet her saviour in another life.
She stood there for an eternity clutching the pendant tightly, as if it were her lifeline, the symbolic link to her dead husband.

On The Floor –Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull

Meryl didn’t remember the last time they’d gotten this drunk. Yes they had been to numerous award ceremonies, attended the after parties and danced into the morning but nothing compared to the state they were in tonight.

The evening had started off with husband and wife celebrating their 35th anniversary. Just the two of them. They had rented a honeymoon suite at The Ritz Carlton in NY Central Park. Their one day stay was replete with all the finery the hotel had to offer. This was Don Gummer’s idea of pampering his beautiful wife of 35 years on their anniversary night. They had decided to spend the day in their suite ordering room service and only going down for a quiet romantic candle light dinner for which Don had made prior reservations.
They had almost stuck to their plan till evening, lazing around and making love while whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

However, as evening fell Meryl suddenly had an idea.

“Don, we’ve been in this suite for toooooo long, let’s go see the city lights!” she purred into his ear downing her 5th glass of wine.

Don smirked at his wife’s slightly inebriated state and said, “So we are doing just that, as soon as you get dressed we can go down and see this hotel’s wonderful lights and have a delicious meal together! So, scoot.”
“NO! I wanna go and see the city lights! I wanna get out of here! This is too...too...sofisticado! I wannabe a New Yorker and go to a cheap bar, get drunk and give my husband head!” she giggled in that all too familiar way quirking her left eyebrow up.

“Really, so my woman wants to give me head, well then, who am I to stop her. Either way, you’ll have to get dressed coz I don’t want men drooling over this!” he said pointing towards his beautiful wife who was sprawled across the bed in only her black lace underwear.

Don didn’t know how this would end but one thing he was sure about was that it had started off well! Being a celebrity’s husband hadn’t been a cakewalk, it meant they would never do normal things common New Yorkers could do without being watched. Going to bars, restaurants and museums would always draw a lot of attention to his wife. So they hardly went to places where normal people went. Today though, his wife seemed to not bother too much about her star status or drawing attention and he pinned that down to the wine and champagne they had consumed all day long.

Even before they knew what they were doing they saw themselves seated in a NYC cab headed towards 3oth Street. Don had heard of Rebel, a nightclub from Henry. It was one of his favourite haunts when he went out with friends in New York. Meryl and Don hadn’t been to a night club in almost a decade. Hell, they weren’t supposed to: a) Meryl was a celebrity, but then again who cared in nightclubs, everybody was too drunk and high to notice who they were dancing or kissing with, leave apart who other people were dancing with b) the ugly truth was, they had long ago crossed the official ‘dancing to the DJ’ age, didn’t they have knee replacements?

Approaching the place they could see a throng of youngsters making their way while engaging in elaborate PDA’s.
Don almost felt embarrassed to be here. However tonight Meryl felt like a teenager. She had giggled in her sweet cadence almost all throughout their journey and now he was being dragged by her into the nightclub’s premises. Just before entering she leaned into Don, nibbled his ear and whispered “So..let the fun begin then!”

They had almost been on the floor for an hour dancing to the night’s theme of Electronic music. When they had first entered the club they were taken aback by how hip and huge this place was. They had initially got a few weird stares and hushed whispers of who she was but nobody had bothered them. Now drunk beyond oblivion, Meryl gyrated to the beats of “On The Floor”. Don couldn’t believe how unbelievably sexy his wife was even at the age of 64! He could see men one third her age devouring her with their eyes. Tonight, she had unleashed that sexy side of her to the world which was generally reserved only for Don. Soon she was panting and out of breath from the exertion. She pulled Don towards her and spoke in her most sultry voice, “I have other plans now, let’s get out of here. FIND A MOTEL!”

It seemed Don was acting on pure instinct tonight. He must have looked like a man possessed. His wife was driving him crazy with her antics. He was filled with lust and it took him an immense amount of restraint to not have sex with his wife in the alleyway next to the club.

Running out of the club, Don looked around for a cab but suddenly he was pulled in another direction. Looking towards the source of the pull, he saw his wife pulling him towards the opposite street probably having seen something.

The night air was cold and crisp, biting into their skin. Meryl trilled, “Look! I’m not even drunk anymore!” With that she suddenly fastened her pace and 36 seconds later they were standing in front of a board that read Motel 6.

The receptionist was almost as stunned as Don himself. Neither could believe Meryl Streep, world’s greatest living actress had decided to spend a night in Motel 6 which charged a meagre $20 per night.
The room was a far cry from their honeymoon suite at The Ritz. The moss green walls were not wallpapered; the air conditioning machine emitted an incessant humming sound; the bathroom tap leaked and the room had a faint acrid smell.

Inspite of all its revolting features it seemed that it had been capable of transporting them someplace else. They remembered the time when they were budding masters of their fields. Young, naive and broke. They had spent many a night in such motels and had dreamed of The Regent and The Ritz. Tonight, it seemed they had come a full circle. They had it all and had come back to claim the beginning it seemed. Their love had made them survive all the blizzards.

Tonight, they didn’t make love, they had sex. Their carnal desires manifested in sloppy kisses and an abundance of fluids. Lust filled looks and moans, skin on skin, tongue to tongue. They devoured each other like a parched man travelling in a desert devours water. Their love making was a flight into the other world where they were united as one. As they climaxed as one they looked into each other’s eyes and knew the answer. Yes, life had come a full circle. They felt complete and sated.

The next morning headlines read: MERYL STREEP AND HUSBAND ‘COME’ TO REBEL AND MOTEL 6! Well, that’s the secret to a long marriage! ;) Oh, did you catch the pun in our title? Well, that’s what they did.


Posted by: gelai88 (gelai88)
Posted at: June 6th, 2013 01:02 pm (UTC)

omg that last part was intense! I love it....hope to read more from you!

Posted by: You're the star that lightens my existence. (evilangels26)
Posted at: June 6th, 2013 01:45 pm (UTC)

Thanks a ton! :)
I don't want to start a long story coz I'm very bad at following up.
Maybe I'll just end up writing more snippets like this one!

Posted by: gelai88 (gelai88)
Posted at: June 7th, 2013 01:12 am (UTC)

It's okay as long as you keep writing and updating us whenever you have spare time. It's okay with us.=)))))

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